Fast Reliable COVID-19 Diagnostics using Greey Matter AI-Platform

Robust COVID-19 Testing within 2 minutes using AI on Chest X-Ray and CT

Evercot AI — Fast COVID-19 Diagnostics within 2 minutes using Artificial Intelligence

The Covid-19 pandemic has had devastating tragic, social and economic effects on humanity. A staggering number of human lives has been lost. Millions have been infected worldwide. Almost all human activities have been brought to a standstill in some periods of 2020 — in different cities, states, countries and continents due to pockets of community virus spread. This has prompted an unprecedented swell of support to treat infected patients, find effective cure and triggered a daring search for vaccines at an incredible pace.

Covid-19 is widely known to be a respiratory disease which affects and damages the lungs, as highlighted by chest X-ray and CT scans of numerous Covid-19 patients. While physicians, nurses and many essential workers have offered themselves at the front line to combat the Covid pandemic, — epidemiologists, biologists and the pharma industries are still in the fast, intensive and unprecedented search for cure or vaccines for this insidious virus. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can also be explored and utilized to fight Covid-19. Evercot AI has explored the utilization of AI in radiology to assist in the early detection of Covid-19 from suspected patients. In addition, AI can also be used to measure the extent to which the lungs of Covid patients have been damaged.

Regarding Covid testing or diagnostics, Evercot AI has developed a reliable Covid-19 Testing solution that uses AI to detect Covid within 2 Minutes from chest X-Ray and CT scans. This Covid-19 AI diagnostics solution has been packaged and deployed in Evercot AI’s radiology AI-Platform called Greey Matter. The Greey Matter AI platform was initially built to solely focus on Brain diagnostics. To help fight the Covid-19 pandemic, the Greey Matter platform has been temporarily re-purposed and extended to handle chest X-ray, lungs CT and MRI scans.

Specifically, Greey Matter has a powerful Covid-19 lung diagnostics solution, which was crafted using proprietary deep learning and machine learning algorithms. The Covid-19 diagnostics solution can be accessed through cloud and on-premise by hospitals, clinics and research institutions.

There are fears that there will be a sharp resurgence of the Covid-19 virus this fall. Meaning, a large number of patients may visit hospitals to seek medical attention. Besides, it may be difficult to differentiate between Covid-19 and seasonal flu. Based on these, one way of fighting the second wave of Covid-19 would be to find fast alternative approaches, that can automate the diagnostics of Covid-19, thereby allowing radiologists to process far more medical scans of patients within a short space of time. Such a machine learning based Covid-19 testing approach is imperative in areas where blood and other chemical Covid tests take too long or are unavailable. Or in areas where there is huge amounts of X-ray or CT data.

The Greey Matter AI-Platform can serve as an alternative to handle this challenge to fight Covid-19. Provided with a huge hospital backlog of suspected Covid-19 patients’ medical scans, the Greey Matter AI platform would act as an AI-Assistant for radiologists by applying big data automation and deep learning to process and identify COVID-19 patients.

Data security and privacy lie at the core from the inception of Greey Matter. The Greey Matter platform is compliant to international data privacy regulations.

If you are interested in exploring the fast COVID-19 diagnostics from the Greey Matter AI platform, join other hospitals and Request a Demo here. Or if you have specific questions regarding the usage of the Greey Matter Platform to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic, contact us here.